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Since 2010, Quintsoul has been a traveling, earthly, soul with the promise of moments that will belong to you. Our belief is that swimwear should be designed to fit body perfectly to allow your soul to roam free. 

Quintsoul was created for those who want to live life to the fullest. Its not your average swimwear. It lets you be in action mode, while being carefree and light-hearted. 

The feminine-stylish looks combined with the ideal fit, make them the “must have swimsuits” to throw in the bag for the weekend getaway or the adventure of a lifetime!  

Quintsoul swimwear are intended to fit like a second skin. It’s for someone who is embracing life, or partially mischievous, and maybe someone who has many facets. 

Quintsoul is proud to be a Canadian brand who can offer competitively priced products throughout Canada and The United States without compromising its Quality, Comfort, and Style. We continue to do our best each year to offer increasingly environmentally friendly styles. 

In 2022 three quarters (3/4) of the Quintsoul swimsuits that were produced, we made from recycled plastic fibers. In the years to come we plan to increase this amount to take care of our planet so everyone can continue to enjoy the beauty the world has to offer. 

Quintsoul isn’t just Swimwear; It’s freedom, It’s a lifestyle!