Sustainability at Quintsoul

Quintsoul is deeply aware of the urgency to protect our natural environment, especially our waters. Over the past few years, Quintsoul 360 performance collection was made using recycled materials, while maintaining strong performance attributes. 

In Spring 2022, the use of recycled fabrics will be extended to the White and Aqua collections. Our commitment is to have 100% of our collections made with recycled fabrics by the year 2025. 

Throughout our website, you can easily identify the styles made with recycled material with the ENVIRO logo.


We transform recycled plastic into an amazing chlorine resistant polyester fabric to make athletic and fashion swimwear. 

ENVIRO is a series of newly developed environmentally friendly fibers mostly made using recycled PET bottles. Specialized polymerization spinning technologies were then employed to produce high quality recycled PET fibers. Recycling of PET bottles can help slow global warming and save our planet by reducing environmental pollution, cutting back on fossil fuel and energy consumption, and decreasing CO2 emissions. 

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