· By Linda Bouchard


Thailand is a perfect destination for travellers who want to live the craziest adventure, but also for those who only desire to lie down on exotics beaches. Not only Thailand is a country where the culture has never been assimilated, it’s also why it has such a cultural strength as remarkable as their spiritual lifestyle.


There are many places to visit to discover Thailand. Of course, there’s Bangkok where everything you could imagine is possible, but there’s also tonnes of rural cities, less touristic, that would allow you to live an adventure worthy of a local… Places with many locals market where you can buy a lot of fresh product! There’s even what is called floating market where each trader is comfortably installed on his barque while he cooks some dishes. Last thing to say about Thai food: not to mention it’s very cheap, it’s above all really delicious! All flavours and spices would definitely charm your taste buds!


To the biggest mountain of the north to the most exotics islands of the south, you will experiment the humid and hot weather and the immeasurable joviality of the 8 million people. You could try a lot of activities like snorkelling/diving, shellfish picking, watch a Thai Fight, etc. There’s even some place where it’s still legal to watch a rooster fight (if ever it’s the kind of things you are into…)


Whatsoever, Thailand makes you dream so much that you feel the need to hurry back, because you know there’s so many more things to discover about this wonderful country.