· By Linda Bouchard

    Once the end considerate as the end of the earth, Portugal has multiples wealth that is only waiting to be discovered. Some of them are even most wonderful than its beach and its sunset (but of course, these are significant assets of this country). However, what’s make the Portugal unique, it’s the ambience created by the history of the country., the architecture of the city and the music. Not to mention the Mediterranean culinary influence and the multiples variety of Atlantic product making the Portuguese gastronomy a real delight!   THE LANDSCAPES As you can see on the multiples Instagram...


    · By Linda Bouchard

    When we think about Mexico, we all imagine three things: the resort, the Chichén Itzá and tonnes of tacos. However, this country can’t only be described by these common cliché. It has a heritage so much more interesting and diversified than what’s look like. Food everywhere Still, when we heard “ Mexican food ” we immediately think of some dishes with melt cheese and Jalapeño, right? Unfortunately, this is not quite the reality… First of all, you have to understand that Mexican way of cooking is proper to each different region of Mexico. Plus, for Mexican’s people, cooking is almost...


    · By Linda Bouchard

    Thailand is a perfect destination for travellers who want to live the craziest adventure, but also for those who only desire to lie down on exotics beaches. Not only Thailand is a country where the culture has never been assimilated, it’s also why it has such a cultural strength as remarkable as their spiritual lifestyle. THE LANDSCAPES There are many places to visit to discover Thailand. Of course, there’s Bangkok where everything you could imagine is possible, but there’s also tonnes of rural cities, less touristic, that would allow you to live an adventure worthy of a local… Places with...